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Unlock the secrets of mathematics with MotionShark, your expert companion on the journey to mastering high school math courses and beyond. Our personalized AI tutoring aspires to ensure a comprehensive understanding, empowering you to conquer any math-related challenge. Dive into a world where learning meets innovation, and let MotionShark guide you to excellence in every mathematical endeavor.

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Experience the future of math education with MotionShark: Expert AI for Math Mastery. Our cutting-edge technology tailors lessons to your individual needs, guiding you through complex concepts with ease. Watch the video to witness how MotionShark transforms learning, empowering you to excel in every mathematical pursuit. Embrace the future of education, where expertise meets innovation.

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High-quality Math animations


comprehensive summary voice-over


Math specialty for SAT, ACT, AP, IB, and A-Level prep


interactive User interface


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Input any math question of your choice and get a step-by-step video explanation on how to get to the right answer.

We are currently enhancing interactive capabilities to tailor the MotionShark experience to your exact needs and preferences. 



MotionShark is led by engineering and Wharton students from the University of Pennsylvania.

Tunga Bayrak

Chief Executive & Technology Officer

Discover the expertise of Tutor Tomas– a dynamic and engaging educator dedicated to shaping confident and capable math learners.

Tomas Nepala

Chief Operations & Financial Officer

Meet Tutor Tunga – a seasoned educator with a passion for unlocking mathematical potential.

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